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Don't Get Left Red-Faced by Red Wine.

Sulfites, terrifying as they sound, naturally occur in all wine in small doses. They can then be added post-fermentation to further stabilize the wine. To be clear there is a crucial and critical difference between having a reaction to Sulfites and an allergic reaction. The latter can bring on anaphylactic shock and can be potentially fatal. Asthmatics can also suffer complications. Thankfully though, most cases of adverse sulfite reaction fall into the former bracket, not dangerous, but not pleasant. Hives, the unpleasant red, itchy rash is a classic symptom sometimes accompanied by stomach pain. Not at all fun if one is sensitive to sulfites but thankfully there are ways for those affected to still enjoy a glass of wine. Organic wines, for starters have lower sulfite levels than other wines but ideally one should look to an organic wine with no added sulfites stated on the label such as the Slavaje Syrah. This wine is crafted from fruit grown in the Casablanca Valley form top Chilean producer Emiliana. 95% Syrah with 5% Roussanne for added freshness. Wild and untamed dark berry fruit with crushed white pepper. Vegetarian, Vegan, Sustainable and organic.  


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